England and the English
Definitions of Englishness
Origins of Ethnic English
A study on Wodenism in England and Northern Europe
Anglo-Saxon History
Summary Timeline 410 AD to 1066 AD – Anglo Saxon England.
Where do the words Anglo-Saxon, English and England come from?
Adventus Saxonum 449 AD 'The Coming of the Englisc'
Regia Anglorum - The 7 Kingdoms of the Englisc 600 – 800 AD
The Viking Invasions of England - 793 AD to 900 AD
Alfred The Great – The first English King 871 AD to 924 AD
The last years of Anglo-Saxon England 924 AD to 1066 AD
Article on Old English Anglo-Saxon History by the author CA Calladine
The Battle of Hastings
The Dogs of War are let loose
English Defeat to the Norwegians: The Battle of Fulford Gate
English Victory over the Vikings: The battle of Stamford Bridge
The Norman Invasion
Harold hears of the Norman Landing
The Battle of Hastings 1066
The Battle Begins
The crisis point in the battle
The fighting begins again
The english shield wall still holds
The final Normal assault
Harold the English King is killed
The fighting ends in Norman victory
The fight at the Mal Fosse
The aftermath
An English victory?
Anglo-Norman History
Great English Battles
Battle of Maldon 991 AD
The Battle of Brunanburgh 937 AD
The Battle of Hastings 1066 AD
The Battle of Crécy 1346 AD
The Battle of Agincourt 1415 AD
Steadfast (Stedefæst)
English Language Timeline
St George
St Edmund
English National Dress
English National Dress - Male
English National Dress - Female
English National Dress Accessories
Cutting Patterns
English White Dragon
White Horse Stone
Fighting Man Standard
The Seax - Langseax - Sax - Sæx
The 9 English Values
English Martial Arts
Great English People
Great English Quotations
Traditional English Foods
The Counties of England
History of English Ale
The Art of England....
Early English or Anglo-Saxon Art
Beginnings of Medieval English art
The New World
The Jacobean period
The English Civil War
18th Century - The Age Of Reason
19th Century, Consolidation of Empire
20th century - Age Of Wars
The 21st century - A New Chapter in an Old book
Sources and further reading
English Folk Music
Kings & Queens of England
Hengist and Horsa - The Men of Kent
Ælle of the South Saxons
King Offa of the Mercians
Egbert of Wessex
Ethelwulf of Wessex
Æthelbald of Wessex
Æthelberht of Wessex
Æthelred of Wessex
Alfred the Great
Edward the Elder
Æthelflæd the Lady of the Mercians
King Athelstan
English Womanhood - English Women
English Social History
Anglo-Saxon England 449 to 1066 AD
Chaucer's England 1340 to 1400 AD
Caxtons England 1400 TO 1485 AD
Tudor England 1485 TO 1556 AD
Shakespeare's Elizibethan England 1564 to 1616 AD
Cromwellian England 1603 to 1658 AD
Restoration England 1660 AD
Defoes England 1702 to 1740 AD
Dr Johnson's England 1740 to 1780 AD
The England of William Cobbett 1793 to 1832
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This website is dedicated to England and the English through studies in English history and ethnic English markers. The English are a definable people with a definable culture. It covers English history and Culture. The origins of the English language. Its People. It’s Battles. Its Warriors

www.EnglandAndEnglishHistory.com promotes positive understanding of The English, English History, English Culture and Values. It sells English Clothing and Merchandise that relates to this. Read on to discover your English ethnicity and take pride in being English – no matter who you are or where you live.

EnglandAndEnglishHistory.com is a website that gives in depth historical and cultural realities, which define the English as a people, but also in a way that encourages all to understand how the English came to be as a nation, an often misunderstood process. This website therefore covers English history from the Coming of the English to the Isles. EnglandandEnglishHistory.com also gives a flavour for the values and characteristics, which, form the English as a people. People from around the world will readily identify with what is written. This website is therefore useful for university and school education into English history and Englishness.

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